1. Where Best to Plant New Trees

    If you’re about to plant a tree or a few trees in your landscape, you may find that you’re undecided about the best place to plant the newest addition to your property. How can you decide on the best spot for your tree? Well, we’ve accumulated a few tips that you can employ to decide on the be…Read More

  2. The Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees

    Caring for the trees in your yard will happen in a few different ways, and one of them is fertilizing. The same way that our bodies need fuel to function, trees need to eat so that they can grow strong! Fertilization is one of the best ways to ensure that your tree gets the nutrients that it needs t…Read More

  3. Care Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

    One of the benefits of living in Northern Colorado are the trees that we’re surrounded by. Here in Wellington, we’re lucky enough to have houses that have beautiful trees towering over them. The thing about trees is that most people feel that they require little to no care in order for them to b…Read More

  4. Colorado Tree Care: How To Plant A New Tree

    As the experts say, “It’s better to put a $10 tree into a $100 hole than a $100 tree in a $10 hole.” This builds upon the notion that tree care goes much further than the type of tree for which you are caring. You have to take it back to the roots. Back to the place of nutritional growth. Once…Read More

  5. What Is The Root Flare And How Do You Find It?

    Trees are known to outlive many human generations throughout its lifetime. Planting a new tree is a great environmental act. As Northern Colorado continues to grow, many natural areas are being developed, so when you plant a tree, the earth thanks you. It’s important to plant a new tree correctly …Read More

  6. Upcycling Your Fallen Tree

    Trees go through a life cycle much like every other plant species, yet trees have an uncanny ability to live on through humans. Trees are omnipotent. While living, trees give oxygen, shelter, food, and much more to all surrounding organisms. This extraordinary ability to sustain goodness transcends …Read More